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Monday, 2 January 2012

Rowdy Rathore: New Year New Look

Vintage is to Hindi cinema, as LBD is to a fashionista. That seems to be the current fad. Hand-painted and super -bright, the second poster of Rowdy Rathore sticks to the theme and is all the better for it. It is eye-catching and don't miss the timely 'Naya Saal Naya Maal' tagline.

The brains behind poster art in the industry seem to have gone for the overall impact rather than focus on specifics. The lead pair poses in a stance that graces umpteen Hindi film posters. Even, thriller Don 2 had one of these. 

This minor cliche aside, the funky colours make sure that the reader gives it a second dekko. The shades used to highlight the macho in Akshay's character and the blush in Sonakshi's character give it the depth that the rest of the creative doesn't allow. 

The vintage theme that began with the first creative looks likely to continue. It will be interesting to see the variations and of course, the taglines. 

What would you like to see next ? And what do you think of the vintage look ? Do drop me a line. 

Rowdy Rathore directed by Prabhudeva and co-produced by UTV Motion Pictures & SLB Films, is slated to hit the theatres on June 15, 2012


  1. Bollywood is regressing!

    Though the youngest in the generation may find this damn innovative but I feel that ideas are running dry and taking hints from the past is all that is happening now.

    Proof also lies in the fact that suddenly south indian film remakes are the big money spinners!!!

    Where is the engaging and interesting action film?

    Where is the real drama, I say???

    I long for a day when Bollywood of today could produce films with the character which the bollywood of the yesteryear did...

  2. I think the vintage-look poster is an extension of a set of representative creatives. Its suits certain brands (in this case movies) and doesn't suit others. Am not sure if the industry intends to make this 'poster-art' a standard-promotional feature like any other that all films will now produce. Would be disappointing to see it lose its novelty factor. (Like contests, meet a celebrity and other promotional activities have over the years by being over-used and not customized to what brands really stand for).

  3. Sh'shank - I wouldn't subscribe to the thought of them using hand-painted poster art as regressive, since it possibly suits the kind of positioning they have in mind for this movie - retro. Think Om Shanti Om. The actual content of the film is another matter altogether and will be up for debate once the film hits the screens !

  4. Brand Ripples - Spot on ! It would be disappointing if the industry went ballistic - like it tends to do with most fads.